PROJECTS IN LARAVEL LEARN LARAVEL BUILDING 10 PROJECTS A perfect plan to study Laravel web structure

Produced by Eduonix Learning Solutions, Eduonix-Tech. Newest updated 6/2017EnglishWhat Will I Learn?

  • Study focus ideas of Laravel PHP structure
  • Study to make original world Laravel web apps
  • Read real world web programming thoughts


  • Basic Information of HTML, JavaScript and PHP is needed to develop this discipline


Don’t grow fast acquiring the old habit! Get your hands on the most advanced Laravel technology with our

Design Program!

Technology is invariably becoming better, developing each second of every minute, so you need a course that can help you find a technology ready. A simple method that will help you change not only skilled in the fundamentals , but also help you study how to efficiently apply these fundamentals in the real world. Well, that’s perfectly what we are trying with our Laravel Project Course.

Laravel is THE most common PHP framework that is currently practiced on the business. Owing to its uniformity, comfort of use, simple grammar and results of other characteristics, PHP maintains to control the market for PHP frameworks. So, if you want to make any attractive neat and powerful apps and websites, well then Laravel is presumably the framework you are looking for.

Our Designs in Laravel course can help you out there. Created with specialists from all nearby the production, this course has been built to help link the gap between theory and useful application. You will not only learn the fundamentals of Laravel in this plan, but you will also learn how to actually put them into purpose.

That’s not all! In enhancement to Laravel, our course also includes teaming up Laravel with some other state-of-the-art technologies such as PostgreSQL, Laravel Mix, Bootstrap, OctoberCMS and so much more. So, you will not only be studying Laravel, but also other wondrous technologies that work flawlessly with Laravel to develop some epic websites and apps

  1. Basic Website – In this design, you will read how to install Laravel, set up the controller, views, movements, compile your assets with Laravel Mix and make a basic website.
  2. Todo List – A easy Todo list will help you learn how to combine CRUD (create, read, update, delete) functionality in Laravel.
  3. Business Listing – In this certificate, you will learn how to create authentication, add business listings and delete them.
  4. Photo Gallery – Here you will read how to build collections and renew photos into that collection.
  5. REST API – In this you will learn how accept invitations to some programs, update the database, and using things with a name and a body. We will also produce a front-end using JavaScript so that we can make applications to the API.
  6. OctoberCMS Website – A website built with the October Content Management Systems that is produced on Laravel.
  7. MyTweetz Twitter App – An app combined with the Twitter API, which will allow you to not only make tweets, but also write them.
  8. MarxManager Bookmark Manager – A bookmark supervisor using the PostgreSQL as our database.
  9. Vue.js Contact Manager – In this project, you will study how to create a front-end using Vue.js as a part to work with our connections in the backend.
  10. Backpack Website With Admin Area – This project will familiarize you with Backpack, a combination of different containers to create different articles in You Admin Panel.

So, let’s get this performance started! Enroll Now and begin establishing some wondrous Laravel projects.Who is the target public?

  • Anyone who needs to learn professional Laravel framework will find this course greatly serviceable



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