PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners Project

  • Read how to apply the Most Common PHP MVC Structure and build the best applications, simply, securely and quick.

    Designed by Edwin Diaz Last updated 2/2016 English What Will I Study?

    • Read to work CodeIgniter
    • Read to create Web Applications
    • Have a different PHP Experience that would improve revenue


    • Basic OOP PHP


    Renewed as of March 2016

    Most important CodeIgniter Course in UDEMY!

    Hands on Physical Life Project under!

    Do you need to really master PHP progressive applications and website improvement?

    Then this course will hurry up the method by enabling you to read how to use the most common PHP framework in the planetoid, “CodeIgniter”.

    Coding in PHP or any other communication can be time consuming, uniquely for simple tasks. Using a structure is the best way to use basic tasks, like:

    1. Protection
    2. Form validation
    3. Database arrangements
    4. Database queries (CRUD)

    If you need to be a head of the sport and get rewarded more, then using a Structure is the way to do.

    High giving jobs need experience of frameworks, since activity and efficiency are crucial for the improvement team and partnership.

    Having knowledge of using structures will allow you to get a hight paying job, or find a job more comfortable than not having the profession at all.

    My Own Knowledge

    My first job meeting expected a codeigniter information and because I did not have the ability, I did not get the job still though I knew how to code in PHP.

    That jobs began at 75K per year in the US and that could’ve propelled big moment in my profession, it wasn’t until after I gained this ability that jobs were issuing in from everywhere.

    I built this course with the intention to present you with the information you want to apply codeigniter to develop applications quick and efficiently. I also build this course to support you give a great experience that will propel you in your web development profession.

    Why Codeigniter?

    Because is the most common PHP structure and is on request for jobs and freelance projects. Who is the mark public?

    • This is meant for learners who need to developer PHP dynamic applications and websites ready
    • This is meant for learners who have essential Knowledge of OOP in PHP
    • This is meant for learners who want to become more skilled at PHP
    • This is meant for learners who want to enhance their careers or get a greater one

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