PHP for Newcomers: study everything you need to convert a professional PHP developer with practical exercises & projects.

Bestseller Designed by Edwin Diaz, Coding Faculty SolutionsLast renewed 8/2018EnglishWhat you’ll learn

  • You will study to create a (CMS) Content Management System like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla
  • You will study how to use Databases
  • You will study MySQL
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • You will discover how to originate your application online
  • How to use forms to present data to databases
  • How to use AJAX to submit data to the server without refreshing the page
  • You will study about PHP security
  • You will read about sessions
  • Password hashing
  • Email sending
  • You will study to use composer (PHP package manager)
  • You will study to create clean URL’s and remove the .php from files
  • You will study to use bootstrap by getting experience from the project
  • You will read to debug your code
  • You will study to create pagination
  • You will code refactoring
  • You will study to debug (fix your code)
  • You will study to use an API to bring data from a database to a graphical interface
  • There is so much more and my hands are just tired of typing 
  • Some HTML is needed for this course (You can get my free HTML course on that)



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Are you new to PHP or need a refresher? Then this course will help you get all the fundamentals of Procedural PHP, Object Oriented PHP, MYSQLi and ending the course by building a CMS system comparable to WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

Knowing PHP has enabled me to make enough money to stay home and make courses like this one for students all over the world. Being a PHP developer can allow anyone to make really good money online and offline, developing dynamic applications.

Knowing PHP will allow you to build web applications, websites or Content Management systems, like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter or even Google.

There is no limit to what you can do with this knowledge. PHP is one of the most powerful web programming languages to study, and knowing it, will give you SUPER POWERS in the web development world and job market place.


Because Millions of websites and applications (the majority) use PHP. You can find a job anywhere or even work on your own, online and in places like freelancer or Odesk. You can definitely make a substantial income once you learn it.

Some of my students reviews for this course and others

Holy cr*********

Readed some books about PHP but it was such boring that i never finished a book and withhold me from studying, this course helped me out straight.. After attending a free tut on youtube i supported the course and jeez, i don’t even need goals to get or stay motivated cause i have the instructor: Edwin Diaz, his way of teaching is friggin awesome (and fun) and easy listening! To be honest its keeping me away from bed xD.. I really really love the course. If i need to describe the passage from my personal view, one word: Epic! Really looking forward for the stuff that will be added in the future! Great job and thumbs up! Greetings from a Dutchy

Best PHP course************

This course is just wonderful. You will study the basics and then you will jump to creating your own CMS. Every little piece of code is described very well, so you exactly know, what you are doing. After ending this course I was ready to make my own social networking site and that’s amazing isn’t it? Another great part of this course is its teacher, who helps you with every issue you have in short time. I’ve have previously done many internet courses, but this is definetly the best one.

The best course I have taken so far ***************

Every programming course I have taken until now has been notably boring and I found it difficult to analyze, but your course was clear, entertaining and kept me caught till the very end. I remember everything I learnt in your course and have gained a deeper knowledge of terms and methodologies that seems incomprehensible until now. Thank you

***************************End of Reviews ***********************

My Promise to You

I designed this course not just to make money but to guide you the knowledge that will help you with PHP since I was in your shoes some years ago. If you need help, I will be just a message or an email away. I love what I do, but most importantly I love when my students achieve and that for me is priceless. You success depends on yours and I will make sure with that you get all the help you need when you need it.

I will not bore you 

I take my courses very menacingly but at the same time I try to make it fun since I know how difficult knowledge from an tutor with a monotone voice or boring attitude is. This course is fun, and when you need some energy to keep going, you will get it from me.

Commonly Asked Questions…..

Q: Is PHP worth it to learn?


PHP is one of the best web programming languages in the world, and all the large important websites, like Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia and many more use it for their web applications.

Q: Can I make Money if I know PHP?

A: LOTS of it

Go over to freelancer dot com and search for PHP projects. You will see so many projects arranging for people to finish them in that site. There are actually more projects in PHP than in any other language.

This PHP Course Covers the following and then some…

  • Databases in PHP
  • Object Oriented PHP
  • CMS project-similar to (WordPress)
  • Form Submissions in PHP
  • Security in PHP
  • Variables in PHP
  • Math in PHP
  • Arrays in PHP
  • Control Structures in PHP
  • Comparison Operators in PHP
  • Mayor Loops in PHP
  • Functions in PHP
  • Constants in PHP
  • Super Globals in PHP
  • Sessions in PHP
  • Cookies in PHP
  • Study to work with FILES
  • Custom search feature
  • Authentication
  • Study to use jQuery + Bootstrap
  • RealTime Notifications with JS
  • Protect your credentials with .ENV
  • Study Composer (PHP dependency Manager)
  • Study to send emails – from PHP or using a third party Package
  • And much much more …..

With the Astonishing project we build, you will learn all the SKILLS to land that job or project. This is a real project that we take online and I walk step by step on everything from scratch.

Please look at all the lectures to see more things that are covered.Who is the target audience?

  • This course is meant for TOTAL beginners in PHP
  • No programming experience is needed at all

Size: 12.12G


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