Data Structures and Algorithms in C programming language.

Coding interview questions/projects. Linked List, Recursion.

Data Structures and Algorithms In C is thoroughly detailed and uses a lot of animations to help you visualize the concepts.

This course involves:

  • 10 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 2 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Affidavit of Completion

What you’ll learn?

  • Know the features of Data Structures and algorithms through animations.
  • Study to write programs for different Data Structures and Algorithms in C language.
  • Get the courage to face programming interviews.
  • Test your knowledge with over 100 Quiz questions.
  • Study how to analyze algorithms.
  • Get the energy to write and trace recursive algorithms.
Course content

all 148 lectures 10:12:54



  • Basic knowledge of programming in any language


This “Data Structures and Algorithms in C” tutorial will help you develop a solid knowledge in Data Structures and Algorithms. Because the course is broken down into simple to understand short lectures. After each topic, there is a quiz that can help you to test your newly gained knowledge. The examples are described with animations to explain the learning of this complex topic. Complete working programs are shown for each concept that is explained.

In other words, This course provides a comprehensive explanation of data structures like linked lists, stacks, queues, binary search trees, heap, searching and hashing. In this tutorial, you will learn various sorting algorithms with implementation and analysis. The concept of recursion is very essential for designing and reading certain algorithms.

This course covers the following topics with C language implementation :

Algorithm Review, Big O notation, Time complexity, Singly linked list, Reversing a linked list, Doubly linked list, Circular linked list, Linked list concatenation, and Sorted linked list. Stack, Queue, Circular Queue, Dequeue, Priority queue, Polish Notations, Infix to Postfix, Evaluation of Postfix, Binary Tree, Binary Search Tree, Tree Traversal (inorder, preorder, postorder, level order).

“good and excellent teaching for basic levels for beginners in data structures”.

“Very good explanation and evidence for basic data structure and algorithm”. 


However, Data Structures and Algorithms in C is an online course on udemy.  This course will help software developers to refresh the concepts studied in book/pdf and also to students learning from referred book/pdf.

Who this course is for:

  • Of course, Programmers looking for jobs.
  • Programmers needing to write effective code.
  • Computer Science students having Data Structures as part of their curriculum.
  • Non-Computer Science students wanting to enter the IT industry.

Size: 1.47GB


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